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The world's first domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user


Q.  1)

How did the existing configuration come about; and why does it favour the LEFT-handed user ?

A.  1)
Q.  2)

Is this new configuration currently being manufactured ?

A.  2)
Q.  3)

Why has this proposed change taken so long to come to the fore ?

A.  3)
Q.  4)

Having been this way for 160 years, a proposal to change the existing design must be regarded as disruptive technology and surely would be resisted by the industry ?

A.  4)
Q.  5)

What needs to be done to encourage the manufacture of such innovation ?

A.  5)
Q.  6)

How was this anomaly first noticed ?

A.  6)
Q.  7)

Surely both hands are employed when operating the existing domestic sewing machine ?

A.  7)
Q.  8)

Who do you think would benefit most from such a change ?

A.  8)
Q.  9)

Would this choice of configurations encourage more right handers to use a sewing machine ?

A.  9)




At last, the world's first USER-FRIENDLY domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user

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