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The world's first domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user

Teacher / Consumer Support

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I have read about your machine a number of years ago and have wondered why it wasn’t produced more.


I also read the reason why the left handed machine was never switched once the hand crank was no longer necessary. The reason was, when asked that the machines be switch from left to right back back at that time, the manufacturers refused to do so  as it would have cost them more money than they had in order to create the new molds. It would have put them out of business. Therefore, nothing was done and we still have the left handed machines.


I use my left hand a lot, although I am right handed. I use two computers and at one I use my left hand on the mouse and the other with my right hand there. It helps to keep my right wrist from carpal tunnel problems.


It is frustrating to have to do all the work of the left hand on my sewing machine when my right hand could do it more efficiently and with much more comfort. You are on the right track and I look forward to seeing some of your machines here in the USA.


Thanks for your work!

Florine Johnson


Florine Johnson



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At last, the world's first USER-FRIENDLY domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user

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