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The world's first domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user

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Hi Rex,


My testimonial as requested below.


“I have been an avid sewer for over 50 years and, until recently, was not aware that the current configuration of yesterdays and todays  sewing machines are all designed for those who are left handed. Once I was made aware of the fact I have since found using my current machine quite awkward (yes I am right handed), even though I have been sewing for years using this configuration. It would be nice to have the option of both right handed and left handed machines to suit all, especially those right handed persons who are just starting out using sewing machines. My most frustrating sewing moments with the left handed configuration would have to be when using my overlocker, and until now I did not know why I felt uncomfortable using it. Threading is always a challenge both overlocker and sewing machine, having to work from the right to left using my left hand. Another major challenge occurs when feeding the material into the machine having to use my left hand to do all of the guiding, this would be of greater benefit if I could do this with my right hand.


My whole world of sewing has changed since it was brought to my attention that for all of my sewing years I have been compromising using a machine designed for left handed persons. I believe for me having the access to a right handed machine would make sewing a lot less awkward and easier to use. The world of sewing, both commercial and non-commercial has been waiting for such an innovation, can’t wait till such a machine is available to the public. This would be a great engineering achievement for all concerned, especially as it is a West Australian/Australian innovation.


Pam Prince”

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At last, the world's first USER-FRIENDLY domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user

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